NetClarity Next Generation Network Access Control (NAC) products and technology

NetClarity Utilities
Hardening Critical Infrastructure through Inside-out Network Security® provided by NACwalls…

utilities“We have had the NACWall appliance installed in our network for 18 months.  In our industry there is an ever-increasing threat posture and the NetClarity solution is a cost-effective and straightforward method for not only ensuring that the bad guys leave us alone, but also to ensure that our critical assets remain operational so that we can ensure that our customers do not have any disruption of service.”

VP Security at Regional Electric Power Company, California, USA

Stop The Next Stuxnet – Prevent Malicious Insider Access – NERC/FERC Compliance

Public utilities are in a transformative period where they are mandated to invest in infrastructure upgrades in pursuit of greater efficiency. These new technologies represent new risks and will introduce changes to an organization’s security posture.

The cybersecurity landscape is also changing, both in complexity and in adversary intent. From attacks like Stuxnet that targeted critical industrial infrastructure – and the unveiling of well-funded, capable Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) – to the formation of state-sponsored entities in a cyber arms race, the world is experiencing an escalation in cyber threats.

Comply with NERC/FERC CIP Standards
NetClarity’s patented Next Generation NACWall appliances help utilities comply with NERC/FERC Critical Infrastructure Protection standards and other regulations by ensuring that untrusted users are not allowed on the network, hardening the network infrastructure and  satisfying requirements that  help you accurately demonstrate compliance.

Protect Updated SCADA Systems That Utilize TCP/IP Interfaces
Using risk-based methodologies designed for the energy and utilities sector, our solutions can safely assess the security of your critical infrastructure, find security and compliance gaps and provides detailed recommendations for improvement. By partnering with NetClarity, you can also more cost-effectively satisfy NERC/FERC CIP requirements.   Our patented blocking engine will ensure that critical assets remain on-line while blocking all untrusted threats to your operation.