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NetClarity Transportation
Protecting Transportation Networks through Inside-out Network Security® provided by NACwalls…

transportation“We have NACWall appliances installed at two of our transportation terminals.
The results have been flawless and several possible threats have been averted.  We plan to continue to deploy the NetClarity Solution throughout our system and to re-align our IT budget to ensure that we have the protection that we require.”

Director, IT Security, Major Airline, Middle East

Intrusion Defense – Critical Infrastructure Protection – Complying with Regulations

Download a whitepaper on Next Generation NAC to see how it can help your transportation organization:

Transportation providers are in a transformative period where they are mandated to invest in infrastructure upgrades in pursuit of greater efficiency. These new technologies represent new risks and will introduce changes to an organization’s security posture.

The cybersecurity landscape is also changing, both in complexity and in adversary intent. From attacks that target critical transportation infrastructure – and the unveiling of well-funded, capable Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) – to the formation of state-sponsored entities in a cyber arms race, the world is experiencing an escalation in cyber threats.

In the crosshairs are companies that form the critical infrastructure, where reliability and availability are essential. Successfully aligning security resources in a complex, changing ecosystem requires expert resources and accurate intelligence from partners that understand these threats.  By deploying NACwall NG appliances throughout your transportation infrastructure, you will be one step ahead of a cyber terrorist or malicious insider threat that could affect the safety and lives of your passengers.