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Securing Confidential Records through Inside-out Network Security® provided by NACwalls…

health-care“We operate a regional system of 13 health care facilities, each with its own records storage.   The ability to communicate highly confidential and mission-critical information in real-time is a critical factor in the success of our operation.  Patients depend upon the reliability and security of our network and records storage information every day.  The NetClarity solution has not only provided us with the security that we must have, but also provided us with a cost-effective way for us to ensure compliance with today’s ever-increasing health care standards.”

CIO, Regional Health Care System, Texas, USA

Internal Controls – Data Protection – Intrusion Prevention for HIPAA Compliance

The Internet provides unparalleled opportunities for interaction and data exchange among health care providers, patients, payers and researchers. Hospitals and providers benefit from integrated systems where lab results, diagnoses, charges, and personal information can be brought together to provide better patient care with lower costs of delivery. However, the advances provided by the Internet are accompanied by an increased risk to the integrity and confidentiality of highly sensitive information. In addition, HIPAA regulations mandate that patient information be kept confidential and that the systems housing sensitive information be kept secure from hackers.

NetClarity’s solution offers not only threat protection, but a full breadth of compliance reporting to help health care providers comply with HIPAA. Our solution provides effective controls necessary to protect patient information and comprehensive reporting that makes it easy for you to demonstrate compliance. NetClarity provides comprehensive compliance reporting that makes it easy for you to map regulations to controls and ultimately to evidence of executing those controls. Our reports have been used successfully by organizations to pass hundreds of audits since NetClarity was founded. Our branch units when combined with the power of our comprehensive Enterprise Command Center provide for the most cost-effective and scalable NAC solution in the marketplace today!