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government“We rolled out the NetClarity solution on a limited trial basis to ensure that it met our needs without any unwanted consequences.  Our Security team is very pleased with the ease of deployment and results thus far and we have plans to continue the roll-out to all of our regional centers throughout our jurisdictions.”

Security Chief, Government Services, Poland

Real-time Intrusion Defense – 4D Security Model – EO13231 Compliance

As governments expand their “e-governance” initiatives, more personal information will be collected, stored and potentially made available to the public through agency websites. Constituents expect agencies to protect private information and are becoming more concerned about the safety of student, driver’s license, social security and residential information. The potential for reputation risk for elected officials is amplified by the requirement to report breaches.
Many government entities are concerned about securing law enforcement systems, courthouse systems, e-government websites, constituent information, employee identity information, student and driver license information, etc.

NetClarity provides a full breadth of compliance reporting to help government organizations comply with regulations and standards including FISMA, NIST, FIPS and others. We provide comprehensive compliance reporting with our services, making it easy for you to map regulations to controls and ultimately to evidence of executing those controls. Our reports have been used successfully by organizations to pass thousands of audits since NetClarity was founded.