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NetClarity Financial Services
Protecting Financial Institutions through Inside-out Network Security® provided by NACwalls…

financial markets“We deployed NetClarity NACwall Branch Pro units in all of our retail banking offices.  We also deployed one large Enterprise unit at our Regional headquarters for monitoring all of these remote sites.  We are not only pleased with the solution, but the support that we have received from our Reseller and NetClarity has been excellent.”

Regional VP, Bank Security, Massachusetts, USA

Internal Controls – Risk Reduction – IT Compliance for FDIC, NCUA, GLBA, SOX

Banks are pressured to manage the bottom line while providing increasingly convenient online services and maintaining personalized and intimate customer relationships. Customer confidence in the bank’s ability to secure personal financial information is a prerequisite for implementing the integrated services that ultimately provide satisfaction and cost-effectiveness. As the threat environment evolves, the security risk to financial institutions matures as well. No longer are the attacks originating from college students looking for notoriety. Instead, hackers are more likely to be associated with organized crime and launching extremely targeted attacks with the intent of financial gain. In the past, only the largest banks and credit unions were considered targets for the hacking community. In recent months, credit unions of all sizes have been increasingly targeted with phishing attacks and attempted compromises by hackers who continue to fine-tune their skills. The window for effective response to targeted attacks has become very small and requires sophisticated “hand to hand combat” with savvy attackers.

Regulatory Pressures
The bar gets higher each year for examination requirements, and the amount of time spent preparing for audits and exams can outstrip the time spent on defining appropriate security strategies.

NetClarity’s solution offers not only threat protection, but a full breadth of compliance reporting to help Financial Institutions comply with regulatory requirements. Our solution provides effective controls necessary to protect customer information and comprehensive reporting that makes it easy for you to demonstrate compliance. NetClarity provides comprehensive compliance reporting that makes it easy for you to map regulations to controls and ultimately to evidence of executing those controls. Our reports have been used successfully by organizations to pass hundreds of audits since NetClarity was founded. Our branch units when combined with the power of our comprehensive Enterprise Command Center provide for the most cost-effective and scalable NAC solution in the marketplace today!