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NetClarity NACwall Nano
Next Generation (NG) Network Access Control (NAC) – Nano fits in the palm of your hand, and your budget!

NetClarity’s NACwall Nano

NetClarity NACwall Series
NetClarity NACwall Nano
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NetClarity’s NACwall Nano appliances are designed to harden your network and provide immediate threat assessment and remediation capabilities. This ensures compliance to the most stringent regulatory guidelines while thwarting malicious attempts to gain access to your network data. Our NACwall Nano appliances can increase the quality of your audit and compliance reporting and decrease the time, effort and expense in doing so.  They provide real-time internal network access control with e-mail, cell-phone paging, syslog and snmp traps reporting and logging capabilities.

Make network access control, vulnerability audits and regulatory compliance simple, automated and real-time with the addition of a NetClarity NACwall.  The wall mountable Nano unit is easy to deploy without any infrastructure changes.  Plug it in.  Turn it on.  Configure it.  Manage it from NACwall Enterprise units.  Inside-out Network Security made faster, easier and more cost-effective than any other NAC solution in the marketplace.

Key Features of the Nano:
  • Sized to Fit in any Small Space and includes Wall Mounting Technology
  • EnergyStar® compliant using Low Heat and Low Power CPU Mini-ITX technology
  • Remotely commanded securely (TLS/SSL) from all NACwall Enterprise Appliances
  • Built-in keyboard/monitor (KVM) menu system and secure web (HTTPS) interface
  • Stops Malicious Insiders on Wired and Wireless Networks in Milliseconds
  • Quarantines Systems Infected with Zero-day Malware that Use Callback URLs
  • Silent – Fan-less Solution that is Deployed in Minutes
  • The Only NAC Solution in the World Priced on par with Firewalls
  • Self-Assess for VISA PCI-DSS Compliance at a Fraction of Typical Costs

Setup time is 15 minutes or less, if preconfigured.  Plug in, turn on.  Get secure.

With NACwall NG appliances, intrusion defense is only a few clicks away.


The NACwall NG Appliances Family: Scalable to fit within any budget and network topology – no forklift upgrades. Keep what you have.

NACwall appliances are designed to save you money – why buy 80 appliances to manage 80 VLANs when our NACwall Enterprise Unlimited can do it all – in one box! You don’t have to make any network infrastructure changes – these appliances will protect everything from your wireless infrastructure to your voice over ip (VoIP) networks.

NACwall NG Appliances Family Features
  NANO 25 and 100 Branch Pro Enterprise 10 Enterprise 100 Enterprise 250
Setup Time Mini-ITX wall mount 1u rackmount 1u rackmount 1u rackmount 1u rackmount
Agent-less Active Directory (AD) Support 15 minutes or less 30 minutes under an hour 1-4 hours 4-8 hours
Agent-less CVE® Audits YES YES YES YES YES
Agent-less Malware Blocking YES YES YES YES YES
Auto Device Discovery YES YES YES YES YES
Inventory Alerting YES YES YES YES YES
Multiple User Logins YES YES YES YES YES
Workflow Engine YES YES YES YES YES
ISO 27001 Policy Tools NO NO YES YES YES
Compliance Reports YES YES YES YES YES
Command Center NO NO YES YES YES
Controllable Units N/A N/A up to 10 remote up to 100 remote Up to 250 remote
*Protected Nodes 25 or 100 500 1000 1500 2000
802.1q Tagged VLANs 10 VLANs 20 VLANs 40 VLANs 60 VLANs 80 VLANs
Storage for Logs 150 GB 250 GB 500 GB 500 GB 1000 GB (1 TB)
Ethernet Ports 2 2 4 6 8




All NANO Appliances are wall mount-able hardware running the EasyNAC® software technology on hardened Linux operating systems.  These devices comply with US FCC part 15, Canadian ICES-003 (NMB-003 du Canada), CE and VCCI Class A and is ROHS certified.  In addition, they are low heat, low power EnergyStar® compliant.

AC input voltage: 100 – 240 VAC (auto-range)
Hz: 50/60
Rated input current: 4A Max

Model Name: Part Number:
NACwall NANO 25 NC-NW-NANO-025-NG-2011
NACwall NANO 100 NC-NW-NANO-100-NG-2011

Software Updates
All NANO appliances are sold with a bundled firmware updates and EasyNAC® cloud-based risk, threat, vulnerability and asset signatures updates, which is prepaid annually.

NetClarity provides a standard one-year warranty on all NANO hardware appliances.

Controllable through the Command Center which is built-into the NACwall NG Enterprise Appliances family.

*Specifications are subject to change.